• What is BBXpress?
    ‘BBXpress’ is a wired service providing current images of events, sports, entertainment and etc. across Malaysia captured by NSTP professional photographers.
  • Who can subscribe to BBXpress?
    Any registered business and government agencies either local or international whom have subscribed and agree with the term of usage.
  • How do I subscribe to the BBXpress?
    Subscription can be done by filling out the contact form in the subscription page at ‘bbxpress.com.my’ website. Upon that, presentative from ‘BBXpress’ will contact you back within 2 working days.
  • What is the available package to subscribe?
    All the package available are on a 30 days subscription and number of images can be downloaded depends on the package you subscribed. Please fill in the contact form if interested. We can assure that ours is among the most flexible and affordable in the market.
  • Do I need to pay any deposit?
    No you don’t. Firstly, you can fill in the form to get a 10 days trial of ‘BBXpress’. If you are interested, you can continue with actual paid subscription.
  • Do I need to pay for license fee?
    No you don’t. But you are still contracted to the terms and condition of usage.
  • Do I need to sign for a long term contract to the BBXpress?
    No you don’t. The minimum subscription to ‘BBXpress’ is 30 days.
  • For what purpose can I use the images?
    Downloaded images are strictly for editorial content use on your licensed platform. Please refer to the terms and condition of usage.
  • Can I use the image for commercial purpose such as advertising?
    Downloaded images are strictly for editorial content use on your licensed platform. Please refer to the terms and condition of usage.
  • Can I sell the photo to other party?
    No you don’t. NSTP does not allow the rights for third party to resell any images. All images right are belong to NSTP.
  • How many pictures are available for download?
    In total, ‘BBXpress’ will offer 150 new images daily. These images will be available in the website for 15 days. However, number of images you can download depends on the package you subscribed.
  • Can I request for additional download picture if I exceeded my download limit?
    No you don’t. You need to subscribe to new package as per your need basis.
  • Can I Login at multiple computers using the same ID?
    Yes you can. The total number of available download still remain the same.
  • How many times can I use each image?
    You can only use each image for one time usage on your licensed platform.
  • Can I download the image and use it for later?
    You will have to use the images within 15 days after you have download it.
  • Do I need to credit the photo that I use?
    Yes. You must credit the each image you have used with BBXpress or © NSTP.
  • What is the payment method?
    Payment can be made by cheque to THE NEW STRAITS TIMES PRESS (M) BERHAD or can also made via Online to our MALAYAN BANKING BERHAD ONLINE account (MBB Kompleks Dayabumi, 514105321082). Upon made a payment, please contact us and we will assist in you to register.
  • Who should I contact for technical and general inquiries?
    Please contact our general line as below. We will entertain your enquiries:

    Tel: 1300-22-6787 (Local)
    Tel: +603-20569499 (International)
  • Can I request for a system demonstration?
    Yes you can. You can do that by filling up the ‘Registration Form’ in the ‘BBXpress’ website.